Best practices in solid waste management to reduce open burning of waste

This module provides an introduction to the problem of open burning of waste and to a wide range of best practices to implement against open burning of waste, including an explanatory video.

Practices to prevent open burning

This module offers an overview of the situation of the participating SADC countries on open burning of waste, principles of risk assessment and waste collection schemes implementation.

Developing waste management regulations and compliance mechanisms

This module follows the different steps needed for a good legislative and institutional framework of waste management.

Preventing abandonment and littering of wastes

This module explores the different causes and actors of waste abandonment and littering, before suggesting solutions to fight the problem and case studies.

BAT/BEP Guidance for the SADC Region on the reduction and/or elimination of open air burning of wastes and agricultural residues

This module lists different best practices of different sectors to reduce and eliminate open burning of waste: agricultural, medical, industrial and construction and demolition sectors. This module includes also a video.

The role of the private and informal sectors in waste recycling

This modules offers an overview of the private and informal sector, and their different roles in waste management systems, introducing concepts like extended producer responsibility. This module comes with a video.

Promoting occupational health and safety and hygienic measures at landfill sites

This module focuses on landfills, the protection of workers and occupational health as well as best practices for safe landfills, including guidelines and protocols.

Waste to energy concepts for organic wastes

This module introduces the technique of composting, explaining the concepts of anaerobic digestion (bio-gas) and mechanical biological pre-treatment (pre-MBT).

COVID-19 and the sound management of medical/healthcare waste

This module presents the different classifications of healthcare waste and how to manage it, with a special focus on COVID-19 related waste.

These modules were developed with the technical support of the expert Simonetta Tunesi.