Waste Management Services

In Urban Community of Antananrivo (UCA), waste collection and transportation are managed by Service Autonome de Maintenance de la Ville d’ Antananarivo (SAMVA) which is a service created by Law 95- 035 whose mission is the operation of sanitation works including wastewater, household garbage and waste products.

Location: Antananrivo, Madagascar
Keywords: "Improved landfilling" " Recycling" " Composting"

Waste Management Services sets up a Semi-Autonomous Government Organisation

The major reductions achieved by the project is improving the operating conditions at the landfill and limit disturbances of landfill to neighbouring communities by enhancing the capacity of SAMVA to provide a secondary waste collection and proper disposal of the waste collected from local neighbourhoods. The project was executed to combat the pollution caused by the landfill, improve the collection and exploitation of the landfill by neighbouring communities and prepare the closing down of the landfill with the view of implementing a reconversion plan for communities whose livelihoods depend on the exploitation of the landfill.

The project was executed from July 2010 to June 2017 with Urban Community of Antananarivo (CUA) and Autonomous Maintenance Service of the City of Antananarivo (SAMVA) as beneficiaries of the grant. The key partners involved in the project are: JIRAMA, The Mayor and the staff of the Urban Commune of Antananarivo, The Mayors and staff of the peri-urban communes of Greater Antananarivo, The Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and the Regional Directorate for Analamanga Region and Service Autonome de Maintenance de la Ville d’ Antananarivo (SAMVA).

The project was executed by collecting the waste from three hundred and twenty bins (320) bins placed in six (6) boroughs transported by thirty- five (35) rented trucks in the landfill of Andranalitra. The landfill is also managed by SAMVA. The wastes were collected from door- to - door by association agents in neighbourhoods called RF2. The pre-collected waste is sent to the SAMVA bins for collection and as at 2016 there were about 44 neighbourhoods participating in pre-collection. Also, in 2016 a pilot project of composting was executed on the landfill to treat the organic fraction of the waste. The project is operated by Madacompost society with the financial support of French Development Agency and technical support of GEVALOR NGO.

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