Responsible Disposal of Waste

Avani Maseru Crushes and Recycles To Avoid Open Burning Of Waste

On the 01st of September, 2021 the Department of Environ ment met with Mr. Shaun Nicolson who is the Gaming Manager at Avani Maseru to find out about the status and disposal of the hotel’s gaming machines

Location: Maseru, Lesotho
Keywords: "Recycling" " Circular economy" " Sorting" " Stakeholder involvement" " Waste management framework" " Other improvements"

Mr Nicolson mentioned that they have a lot of Gaming machines which have become redundant because due to the end of their lifecycles which has rendered them not serviceable anymore because their replacement parts are no longer in production. He went further to explain the machine disposal policy and procedure which requires them to contact the Gaming Board of Lesotho to request a permission to dispose of the machines, of which the Gaming Board will then visit the hotel to verify that all the machines do have authentic serial numbers so as to ensure the legitimacy before being granted permission to dispose of the machines.

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He concluded by mentioning that when the machines get disposed, the hotel’s Technicians normally strip them down and classify the components according to their various configurations such as glass, plastic and steel. The glass gets crushed and the steel gets compressed then sent off for recycling by local recycling factories. “Plastic is a little bit different but we try by all means to make sure make sure that all plastic is also sent for recycling” he added.

Mr. Ramone from the Department of Environment thanked Avani Lesotho on behalf of the Ministry as well as the Lesotho Casino Board Secretariat, for Abiding by the Regulations of the Casino Order of 1989 and Casino Regulations of 1990. He also thanked Avani for immensely contribution to be preservation of the Environment as well complying with the Gambling reporting requirements