Working with Environmental Community Policing Committees

Introducing Plastic Waste Management to Environmental Community Policing Committees

On the 9th August, UNDP and the Ministry of Tourism under the Department of Environment hosted an event where they introduced plastic waste management project to the police officers commanding and the community policing committees (Mahokela).

Location: Maseru, Lesotho
Keywords: "Stakeholder involvement" " Waste management framework" " Education and awareness"

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness on plastic waste management and to brief them about relevant laws governing environmental issues with particular emphasis on pollution control and biodiversity conservation. Community policing committees were encouraged to carry out public gatherings and sensitise the public about environmental crimes such as illegal dumping of waste and exploitation of wild plants and animals protected by law. Speaking on behalf of the police were Sub Inspector Maphomolo Mosaase (MTEC Crime Unit) and Senior Superintendent Rantoane Motsoetla (District Police Commissioner-Maseru) appreciated the enlightenment participants received from the workshop and pledged to work with the Ministry and UNDP. In the same manner, Mr Habo fanoe Letsie spoke on behalf of the community policing committees and thanked the facilitators for the wealth of knowledge imparted on them.

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