Law Enforcement Workshop

Sensitisation Workshop on Environmental Law Enforcement for Magistrates and Public Prosecutors

The Department of Environment held a workshop at Avani Lesotho on the 10th September 2021 for Magistrates and Public Prosecutors. The objective was to sensitize them about the important role they play in environmental protection through the effective enforcement of Environmental Law.

Location: Maseru, Lesotho
Keywords: "Stakeholder involvement" " Education and awareness"

In delivery his opening remarks the Director of Environment, Mr Stanley Damane stated that the importance of a healthy Environment can never be over emphasized and that Environmental laws are put in place to reduce environmental problems which emanate from human activities in the quest for Economic growth and development. Ms Neo Matsoso from UNDP gave a brief overview of the Plastic Waste Man agement Project with a strong emphasis on plastic and its impact on the environment caused by poor management of waste. According to Ms Nessie Golakai also from UNDP, environmental policing is important as it assists the Government of Lesotho to strengthen and implement Environment Laws. For instance, the Environment Act of 2008 states that it is an offense to pollute the environment. She concluded by thanking all those who attended the workshop.

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