Recycling drop-off Centre promotes Low Carbon Economy

Encouraging material reuse and recycling efficiency raises awareness, understanding and commitment in Maun community towards a low carbon economy.

Location: Maun, Botswana
Keywords: "Local waste collection stations" " Recycling" " Education and awareness"


The project was executed as a result of the lack of easily accessible and dedicated solid waste drop off facilities to aid recycling efforts in Maun and many parts of Botswana. Tlhare Segolo Foundation, the executor of the project obtained support from UNDP GEF/SGP planning grant. The main goal of the project is to extend the concepts of waste reduction and environmental considerations into the community. A vital component of the project is the establishment of an education/information centre as the importance of community participation is key. The centre will also undertake intensive education campaigns and waste management 3R’s with special focus on separation at source and consequences of ignorance.

The project commenced in December 2013 and was concluded in December 2015. A key strategy employed was the monitoring and evaluation of the project impact on public behaviour and the amount of waste disposed at the landfill. In execution, Tlhare Segolo Foundation proposed the establishment of a large-scale public recyclables drop off facility in Maun to encourage upper/middle class households and private businesses in the community to drop-off specified recyclables for processing mainly cleaning, compacting and bailing. Profits made from the sale of recyclables shall be used to institutionalize a recycling / waste buy-back program as a poverty alleviation strategy and an incentive for continuous participation of Maun’s poor and or low-income households in an emerging green economy.

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